William Patrick Green Coogan

I started my PhD at the same time as Will, and we always got on well, as apart from science, I also shared in his enjoyment of all things footy and music. We would often unpick the most recent Everton – Man Utd game if I saw him around the department, with lots of good-natured banter being involved. I also remember fondly a long and enthusiastic discussion in the pub one night about the merits of the music of the Beatles and other famous bands. I spoke to Will only last week, and we talked about our projects. Typically for Will, when I told him about a problem I was having in the lab, he immediately tried to help me, and in fact sent me a message later on with some further advice. I admired his laid-back approach to things, and his seemingly ever-present cheerfulness and sense of humour. I said to him recently that I was looking forward to going for a pint with him when things got back to normal – sadly now that will never happen. My sincere condolences go to Will’s family. 

John Armstrong

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