Our dear Isaac Nii Ayi Hammond


Dear Brian and Karen and Lydia,

I want to start by saying that what pains me the most is that no words like “I’m so sorry” and “I’m so distraught” will never ever seem enough to describe how broken we all are over Isaac. And neither will such words be enough to personally express how I’ve silently been grieving over Isaac for the last many days. 

Remember that time 4 years ago when my dad and I visited you all in Abu Dhabi, and Isaac decided to jump out and startle me when we were in Waitrose? I remember being quite properly spooked. Lydia, you had a hand in carrying this out too, remember?

There was also the water bottle flipping game we played while at the racetrack. That was one of the more fun little moments I shared with Isaac, even though he did end up outcompeting me in that game quite embarrassingly.

I’m saddened and struck by how it’s these very ordinary and common moments that now seem most sacred and beautiful, as I’m reliving our limited time together. 

Isaac, it is one of my deepest regrets that I didn’t get to speak more with you and spend more time with you over the years, because I’ve also been thinking that I might never have met anybody else who reminded me more of myself, and so that pains me even more to see you gone. 

Rest in Peace, Isaac. 

Johanan Sowah

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