Don Henson

What a top bloke Don was. I worked with him for years at AQA on the A Level exam team where his knowledge and thoughtfulness and commitment hone through. Mostly though I remember him striding his huge strides on the way to the pub and the rest of us running after him trying to keep up. Later he would come down to Ciren as the external examiner on our Archaeology FD. He was always positive, always interested in what the students were doing and full of enthusiasm and life. He’d also lead us on a long stride around historic villages en route to a cracking pub. We were made up for Don when he got his Anglo Saxon book published (great book btw) and gutted when the A Level was stopped and we couldnt work together. Up and down the country there are a stack of teachers who Don encouraged and his legacy is going to play out down the years through them and their students. Most of all though he was a great person to be around. His enthusiasm was contagious and his laugh was loud. Though he is gone and we miss him I can still hear that laugh. RIP Don



jim grant

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