Jordan my daughter


At the moment our main memories of Jordan are remembering everything she had to go through in the last couple of years of her life .We are so proud of her and couldn’t of asked for a better daughter and we miss her more with each passing day.

When Jordan was a toddler she used to love wearing my shoes and clattering about in them  making as much noise as possible. Even when we were on holiday once staying in an apartment, she would clatter about in them which did not make the people staying below us happy and they would often have to bang on the ceiling for her to stop it. When she got older she still loved to get dressed up and wear her strappy sandals or heeled shoes as Jordan loved nothing more than going out with her friends and partying. But one night she went over on her ankle, she still carried on with the night out though hobbling about as nothing would stop her enjoying her time out. The next day however we spent in James cook hospital getting X-rays and eventually she had a pot put on as they found she had a fracture in her foot, which stopped her from being able to wear heels for a few months.

I wish nothing more than to hear her still clattering about in her heels now.

Jill O’Hara

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