Paul Vernon

Paul, or Mr. V as I liked to call him, is a dear friend and someone who I’ve looked up to for a number of years now. We met by starting at Experian on the same day and found we were kindred spirits from the very start. Both of us dark humoured cynics with a weakness for a good cup of coffee and a chat about difficult coding problems. I never expected, when I joined, to find two people who would become some of my closest friends and to who I would end up talking multiple times every single day.

Paul was humble and had a greater impact on the people around him than I think he recognised. I don’t know of a single person who came into contact with Paul who didn’t leave enriched. Whether it was through his mentorship, his stories of the many experiences he had had or people he had known, beautiful pictures of Loki, a kind word or even a nudge from bad behaviour. To know him was to love him, and he became like family.

He is sorely missed. From sending a message to make us laugh or rant at the most recent outrageous thing we had found on the internet, to racing each other to the coffee cart when we were in the office together and trying to trip each other up jokingly, right through to those more serious moments where Paul would share his insights. He gave me confidence and strength when I needed it; while keeping me humble when I got too big for my boots. As a friend, it’s a huge loss, so I can’t imagine what it is like for the family. Paul spoke of you all very often with such pride, joy and love.

Thank you for everything Paul. There is so much to thank you for. I’ll miss you horribly but am better for having known you and will hold onto the many fond memories. You were a warrior and a gent to the end and will remain one of my most cherished friends. x


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