Jerry H.T. Liu

My grandfather, affectionately referred to as ‘nga gong’ by his grandchildren, was a man of immense kindness and generosity. Being in his presence, the aura he exuded always gave off a great sense of warmth, security and compassion. Whether having a meal with him, watching a tennis match together, or simply saying a quick hello to him in his amazing office room, it was an absolute pleasure to be around him, as he always radiated positive and tranquil energy. Even in rare instances when no words were spoken, he was someone you could sit with in complete silence and reflect on the moment of just being in his company as a blessing.

As my grandfather, respect for him was a given. However, my admiration for him extends far beyond a generic familial bond. The way he carried himself, as a man and a person was truly an inspiration. His humble, mild-mannered nature, his generosity towards family, friends, even strangers, his constant consideration and respect for others, welcoming of people from all walks of life with open arms, and his unwavering positive attitude are just some of the qualities he will undoubtedly be remembered for. Never self-centered, he was always putting others before himself. His genuine care and desire to bring happiness to the people around him made him a very special person.

His love of traveling opened his mind to a very worldly view on life. Whether it was by air, land, or sea, he consistenly traveled the world during his lifetime. He believed travel to not only be an enjoyable leisure activity, but also a form of education. He once spent a year traveling with a friend around South America in an effort to visit every single country. That’s what you call dedication, but also shows his deep interest and openness to experience a variety of history, cultures, people and of course, food and drinks.

You won’t get very far in a conversation with my grandfather without the topic of food or an alcoholic refreshment coming up. Arguably his first love in life, he had an affinity for satisfying his taste buds and his stomach. Placing a juicy, tender porterhouse in front of him or a glass of scotch in his hand would likely make his day. He didn’t discriminate though. He had an appreciation for all kinds of cuisines and beverages. And once Ocotober and Novemeber roll in each year, you will never fail to catch him without a hairy crab in his hands.

Besides travel and food, he had plenty of other interests and hobbies to keep himself entertained. A huge tennis fan, he watched as many tournaments as he could whetiher it was on TV or in person. On the court, a rally with him is no simple task, as you better be focused and prepared for some wicked underspin shots coming your way. Before you can even gather your thoughts from the confusion, the ball has bounced right by you. He had an unorthodox hitting style but it worked for him. He loved music, most notably classical. There weren’t many days you didn’t hear the chords of Chopin vibrating through the walls of his Wan Chai office at max volume, while he sat at his desk flipping through an old photo album, leaning back in his chair immersed in his thoughts with a cigar in hand, or slouched in his leather chair reading the newspaper. None of the employees seemed to mind though. It brought a sense of class and an upbeat energy to an otherwise dreary and mundane workplace. Even though he despsied carrying a cell phone, his curiosity was always piqued by new technological trends. Fascinated by the emergence of something called bitcoin, he was eager to learn about it, asking what it was and how to use it. After trying my best to describe it to him, he gave his signature shoulder shrug and admitted that he still didn’t fully grasp the idea. My explanation was probably terrible.

A true gentleman. An avid globe-trotter. The epitome of style and class. A wonderful role model and one of a kind human being. Nga gong, you will be missed every single day. Having the opportunity to grow up in your presence, seeing how well you treated others around you and the way you approached life was a true gift and left a lasting impression on me. Although your physical form is no longer here, you will forever live on in my memories and heart. Looking forward to the day we meet again, but until then cheers to you. May you rest well and be in eternal peace.


Lastly, you were always so kind and respectful to my wife, Amami. Her admiration for you is immeasurable and she thanks you for being so warm and welcoming towards her everytime we were together. She loved your positive spirit and was fascinated by how you learned to use email and carried around your own personal ipad at such an advanced age. You were one of her most favorite people and will be missed by her dearly. The time we spent together with you was truly an honor and a blessing. Thank you for everything.


Jeremy and Amami

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