Barry Keepence


It has taken me a few days to find the words that I wanted to add to my condolence message for Barry, but after deliberating, I thought I would add some notes on our first and last meetings.

I first met Barry when I joined Cambridge Judge Business School and we were looking to implement a new Timetabling and Room Booking System.  I had initial discussions with Lee, Tony and Leon and once it was decided to move forward, I met Barry.  Instantly I was drawn to his energy, joy and zeal for the system and his enigmatic thought process when he was speaking.  He captured the people around him and though I could see a very intelligent and articulate man, I also found a very dry humoured man who made me laugh.  I went on to work with Barry, when I joined Semestry Ltd.

My last meeting with Barry was when I left Semestry to return to Cambridge, on my last day he made a point of being in the office and saying goodbye to me. I stated to him, it had been a pleasure and honour to work with such a lovely, funny, bizarre man, whose enthusim and energy motivated me to do better.

Barry always reminds me of a swan, his mind going ten to a dozen and his exterior a soothing, calming on the water – not so sure if he was so graceful…. 

I send my heart-felt condolence to everyone at Semestry for their loss of a colleague and friend, but more so to Barry’s family who he spoke of with love and care.

May you all find peace at this sad time but are able to celebrate a wonderful persons life.

Jeannie Carter x



Jeannie Carter

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