Dave Finch

Mate, what can I say, that a thousand thoughts or words cannot? I remembered the other day, when we did that step exhibition at the Anvil all those years ago and training in the Sports ctr. Made me smile. Happy days! But i cant find that much to smile about at the moment, as a great human being has been lifted away from the world too soon. You were and are still an inspiration for others. Helpful, friendly. A big Teddy Bear of a man that I will cherish the friendship of and remember in my heart forever. 

I remember a quote from James Deane and it went:

” I think there is one true greatness for a man”. “I mean, that if that man can go on and live somehow, after he has died. Then maybe he was a great man”.

You are a great man Dave and your memory will live on in our hearts until the end of days. 

We will meet again someday, somewhere, somehow, maybe in another existence or universe. But we will meet again.

All my love and friendship always.


Jase x❤.



Jason Thornton

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