Dave Hanson

There are so many memories of my wonderful Dad that I will hold dear forever – he was a plain talking man, with high morals and a big heart.  When we were young, he was a mixture of being an imposing figure to a man of fun.  He taught me to play cards and ask questions – though funnily enough, he didnt particularly like it when we questioned his decisions!  In my adult life, he was always there.  He became a better listener and I could talk to him about things that I would never have done when I was younger.  

I have such special memories of when Dad came with Steve and I to South America in 2003.  We visited Peru, Ecuador and The Galapagos Islands.  It was the most magnificent adventure.  One time he and I went for a walk in the mountains in the middle of nowhere.  He protected me from an attacking dog, which became one of our stories for life.  On the same walk the altitude got to him and he couldn’t move for a while.  It was frightening but as ususal he managed to overcome how he was feeling and made it down.  He was a trouper on that trip.  He did everything we did and more, even with a dodgy ankle and aches and pains.

He absolutely lived life to the full.  He would tell you that he had no regrets and that was true.  He was loved and respected by many.  

I cannot believe that I wont be hearing his voice any longer but I will still be speaking to him as I do with my Mum.

I will always love you Dad.  Big hugs.




Janine Hanson

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