Dharam (Dibble) Dabb

Growing up on the Birds Estate, there were a few of us that all lived within a 5-minute walk of each other’s houses (Mark & Ross Kilpatrick, Jamie Armstrong, Ryan O’Neill, Dibble, David Wright, Ashley John) and we were all the better off for it.

There wouldn’t have been a day that went by that we weren’t out the back of my mum and dad’s house, smashing a football against the garage door and annoying everyone within a mile radius with the noise. We also used to play on the small bit of green outside the front of Ryan’s house which annoyed all the house owners there, too.

When we had annoyed the vast population of the Birds Estate we would head over to Southfields for a kick about, on a proper bit of grass (until we were asked to leave by the caretaker!)

We were just a harmless bunch of mates, thrown together by chance, who just wanted to play football at any given opportunity. Some of us were better than others with the skills (I place myself firmly in the lower category and Dibble in a much higher one – he loved to dazzle!) but no matter who was better than who, it was all-inclusive and that’s a memory from my childhood that can’t be erased.

I moved away from Luton over 10 years ago now and, as happens, fell out of touch with a lot of the old Birds Estate lads. I haven’t seen or spoken to Dibble for all of that time if I am honest, but I can still remember his happy, smiling, welcoming face as if it were yesterday; all knocking for each other after our tea to make the most of the evening light that was left. All we needed then was a football and each other and I think we were just about the happiest kids going…

My childhood was all the better for the mates I had at that time. Dibble, being in that group of mates, made it even better. 

Condolences to everyone who knew Dibble and have felt this loss, especially his family and close friends. So sad.


NB: Ashley, I think you mentioned Dibble losing his moustache on our football trip to Germany? I think I was responsible for that (or partly) as I seem to remember coming back from that trip with an eyebrow missing, courtesy of Dibble – Good memories

Jamie Walpole

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