Dr Antonella Palmieri

During my first year of Film & Television studies (albeit online) I remember the joy and passion that Antonella brought to our 9am sessions on a Monday morning and her delight to be able to meet us face to face for seminar sessions.

I will forever be grateful to her, as my first meeting with her set me on a path that I am on now and if it wasn’t for the continued support and encouragement she showed me over the 3 years at university I would have never found my love for Hollywood musicals and aspirations to go onto further study in academia.

The time we spent talking about my dissertation and Hollywood musicals will always hold a special place in my heart and continues to propel my research interests and goals. She had such a large impact on mine and so many other peoples lives. 

Thank you so much for everything Antonella. 

Rest In Peace.

James Davis

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