Adrian Jones

I’d never met anyone like Adrian and I was only just getting to know him and his complex character.  Nevertheless, in the year or so working directly with him he taught me so much about what had made him successful in business, and he was always very giving and supportive in sharing his skills and experience to mentor me.  He is obviously deeply loved by his family, and he often talked about them with much pride and affection in our team meetings together. 

It was clear from his very moving funeral how many people he touched in his short life, despite always seeming so focussed on his work and the ‘customer’.  My heart goes out to his family, but what a wonderful funeral it was to say goodbye! I loved the throbbing sound of all those Harley’s… they sounded like the slow beat of a drum as they arrived and then circled around us infront of the crematorium… Adrian also looked forward to rapid innovation in electric-motorbikes of course – but that just wouldn’t have been the same now would it, Adrian!!!  


James Datson

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