John Graham Ramsay

    After completing my Ph.D. in 1965, I joined John’s department as a post-doc. John had gone on a sabbatical to India, but Gilbert Wilson, Neville Price, Dave Elliott, John Sutton, and Janet Watson were there to coach me. John returned one year later by driving his family in a camping van through Afghanistan, the Middle East, and Turkey. Then the serious study began. 1967 saw the publishing of his first text book, and the first oil well in the UK North Sea came on-line. Geology boomed in the UK and the Continent.  The monthly Geol. Soc. Meetings, and the annual Tectonic Studies Group Meeting attracted many groups of structural geologists from around the UK and the Continent. Many lasting scientific relationships were forged then but John remained the solar centre of our profession. Many new ideas and techniques were added to our studies but field mapping, which John probably represented the finest practitioner ever, still remained at the core . Field trips to the Alps, Pyrenees, Appalachians, and Canadian Rockies were important catalysts and John’s trips will be remembered by all who attended.. From I.C., to Leeds, to Zurich, John supervised many great structural geologists, and continued his phenomenal output of papers and text books. John, of course, was also famous as a host, cook, musician, and mentor. He will be greatly missed and I pass on my condolences to Dorothee and the family.

Jake Hossack

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