Luke Robson-Smith

Dom’s big brother was how I knew you and I’m so glad I got that opportunity to know you.

One of the easiest people to get along with I have met, always a hello, always time for a chat, you helped me with my CV and you tried to help me with a job at Barclays when I was a bit rudderless, I thanked you by doing a complete u-turn and moved away instead! I will always remember and appreciate that you took time out for me.

New Year’s Eve at the warehouse project was one of my best memories with you and there were a more than a few pints in various pubs with Dom and us lot at that time. I always admired your relationship with Dom too, very caring and close. I meant to message you after catching up with Dom one Christmas after he said things had been tough for you, I never did and I’m sorry for that as I did think of you often.

Thank you for being you with all the hellos, the pints, the silly chats that seem so long ago now but are some great memories I will keep with me.

Rest easy Luke and love to your family and friends x



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