Jerry H.T. Liu

Dearest Nga Gong,

I feel so incredibly blessed to have been able to create and share so many memories with you. Thank you for so many things – teaching me how to ride a bike, attending my college graduation, our memorable Disney cruise, my wedding!, your love of food, wine and art, your ability to never miss cocktail hour, sharing your ice cream, and many more.

I will miss your smile & laughter, the smell of your pipe every time I walked into your office, your soft meaty hands lol, your bear hugs, seeing you in your corduroy pants, listening to your stories of all your exciting travels and experiences; if only I could’ve made 1 eating trip!

So very grateful that Darren, Aila and Brandon knew you, spent time with you and that they will remember their great-grandfather. Your smile lit up the room whenever you saw them.

Like the poem I read at your memorial “Miss Me – But Let Me Go”, I will do just that and think of you every time I have a gin & tonic (which is pretty often!). Cheers to you!


Rest in peace Nga Gong.


With love, Ingrid


Ingrid Wong

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