Colin W. Stewart

Whilst the shock may dissipate, the loss may never!  I had the very good fortune to work alongside Colin for 18 years and feel enormously grateful to Coln for giving me the opportunity to forge a wonderful career as a Professional.  I couldn’t have learnt from a better or more accomplished mentor.  Colin’s clear and concise manner make it easy to learn from him and his ability to handle client meetings and difficult sitatuions were masterful.  He was quite simply, the ultimate professional.  The long list of tributes that I have passed to you from clients and co-professionals are testiment to this.

Colin had an extremely warm and welcoming character who always put people at ease.  The working relationship quickly became a fond friendship.  With so many common interests between us there were moments to celebrate and moments to commiserate.  As avid Scottish rugby fans it was often comiserating leading to long rants about poor game management, lack of leadshership or indifferent skill levels of the Scottish team – we were excellent armchair experts!

We were lucky enough to participate in the odd challenge together over the years, however one of my fondest was the Colva Half Marathon.  As a result, Glen Clova always reminds me of Colin and will now hold a special place in my heart.

Colin was very dedicated in all that he did, however his devotion was never more for you Kathleen, Cameron and Kirsten.  He was extremely proud of you all!  This will have created a huge void in your lives, however  cherish those warm memeories that you hold as a family.   I cant begin to express my condolences to you all.

Colin has played the pipes on many an occassion, however I know that he was never prouder to play them when he palyed at his mother, Frances’s funeral.  Bob, this was a great honour to Colin.  You will miss him dearly I am sure, but what pride you can hold of him for the gentleman he was, the success he achieved and how much he gave to others.  

Aileen and Robert, what fond memories you recited at the funeral of your childhood and in more recent years your collective family gatherings.  How devasting for one of the key elements of that happiness to be so cruely ripped from you too early.  What a wonderful brother he was to you both.

My thouhgts are with you all at this very sad time and I hope that we can refelct on some fond memeories in time to come whether over a cup of tea or Colin’s favourite, a dram!

Love and best wishes, Ian 


Ian Hope

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