Sarah Elizabeth Curr


Celebration of a Childhood Dream, by Iain Curr

Twenty four years since their last show

Never a question that we had to go

My childhood has returned to me

We’ve paid our dues and we’ve paid our fees.


Underground summer air and hair still long

We are off to listen to our favourite songs

A different time, without a friend of foe

Thinking back to the times before.


Walking down an open road

60,000 with just one place to go

A straightforward future and a pathway that’s clear

Yet to know I’d lose all that I held dear.


We take our seats and we stand and stare

A lifetime of waiting it seems almost unfair

There was a time when we disliked all that we could see.

And did not know who we could be.


The crowd roars as we sip our overpriced beer

Our teenage dreams have taken us here

A broken heart and a jobless time

Slow to learn life could be so unkind.


The words pour out of us as we start to sing

Each word follows the next like tonic and gin

The years did pass and a change it did come

Moved away from the music and became undone.


We look at a tiny dot on a great big stage

Our childhood heroes, like us, now middle aged

As we listen to the songs that did save me

And forget all the darkness of the past and the misery.


The music has stopped and it is the end of the show

We float away covered in a hot summer glow

Returned to childhood, we’ve been set free

The music has told us who we used to be.

Iain Curr

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