Dominique Davies

Our lovely Dom,


You have touched so many lives, 

with the warmth, love, beauty and humour

That you shared with us so generously and gracefully

Enriching my life and the lives of everyone you met


You always made everything beautiful,

And brought fun, laughter and light to us

Supporting and guiding us

With your own wisdom and strength

As a true leader


I feel lucky to be one who has spent lots of wonderful times together with you Dom,

Learned so much from you,

And a lot of laughter and love

sparkles, glitter and warmth

Together in our team

Had my eyes opened to the world of possibilities and positivity that were always so alive in you


I am blessed to have shared some of the journey together with you Dom

A light in our lives

I will miss you, 

Love you so much Dom

until our next time



Hilary Tempest

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