Dillon - My handsome Armadillon

It’s impossible to sum up everything I want to say into one message – I could talk about you and sing your praises for forever and then some. But I’ll do my very best.


Thank you Dillon for everything, and then some. From your “good morning” messages before I headed off to work, to the “good nights” we’d share before going to sleep. Despite the time difference, being on the other side of the world, we always seemed to make it work and find time for each other. You were a permanant fixture in my life, for the past few years a moment hasn’t gone by where I haven’t thought about you and how you might be doing. I miss you terribly, and it still doesn’t seem real. If there was anything that I could say, or give, or do to bring you back? I’d have it done in a flash. I’d move mountains for you, just like I know you would for me too.

I remeber my first time seeing you for real, getting off the plane in Colorado and seeing you in person. We hugged so tightly in the elevator down to your car, and we spoke the whole journey back. There was never a moment where we stopped talking, we could talk about anything and everything like it was nothing. We saw so much, did so many things. Spending time with you has always meant the world to me.

When you held my hand in the car while driving back from Boulder in the night, I told you so many times how romantic it felt. How special you’d make me feel. And you’d say that I made you feel the same. When the time came for me to leave, we’d always cry and hug and already be missing each other. But there was always comfort in knowing we would see each other again soon.

You, your dad, Stella, Allie and Jax have always made me felt so welcome in your home. And that’s not even mentioning meeting Ania, Marilyn and Linda. Never did I feel out of place, or like I didn’t belong. You welcomed me into your life and I was always happy to be a part of it.

I can’t talk about you without talking about all the games we played! All the games of Overwatch and League (thanks for all the carries over the years), the Stardew farms we made and the raids we cleared in FFXIV. We don’t need to talk about all the times you wrecked me in fighting games though, we’ll gloss over that part… There are just so many memories. You introduced me to so many new games, so many new people, I cannot thank you enough.

We always had each other’s backs. Without you I’d never have left my old jobs and found something better. There’s no way I’d be able to board four flights by myself if you weren’t at the finish line. You were always fantastic motivation! And likewise, I’m glad I could always support you in your music and offer an ear when you were composing. It may sound silly, but I was looking forward to helping you learn how to use Excel! You would have picked it up in no time, and I’d no doubt end up learning more because of you.


You know, I was looking at these pictures and remembered something. Remember when you Rising Uppercut me accidentally when you got up from the couch? And laughed? But not just a little, oh no, you fell to the floor absolutely pissing yourself. Completely lost it. I come to spend my birthday with you and you just crossed me up like this and laughed. And the more I went on about the absolute abuse and torture I suffered the harder you laughed still! I’m glad I got a picture of you waving at me from the floor while still giggling at me. Being able to make you laugh meant so much.

And there was the church in Helena – Where we both wanted to kiss because we knew someone, somewhere would be unhappy about it! All the times we’d watch scary videos or scary games and you would always, without fail, suddenly make the most terrifying sounds to make me jump. But it’s okay, because I’d get my revenge whenever you’d be at the computer with your headphones on and I’d creep up behind you to tap you on the shoulders.

We made so many weird, wonderful and happy memories. It’s awful that you’re no longer here, but thank you for allowing me to be such a big part of your life. I love you Armadillon, from your Henry-bear.

“Goodbye may seem forever, farewell is like the end. But in my heart’s the memory, and there it will always be.”


Henry Curran

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