Leslie Charles Flanagan (Les)

Remembering Leslie, my lovely, fun, charming, thoughtful and wonderful brother. The most fantastic memories held in my heart. Leslie was calm. He calmed me and I always felt excited when he was coming to visited because I knew fun would be had. 

Rod Stewart family gigs. – if you want my body and ya think I’m sexy! Leopard trousers. Tina Turner – Nutbush City Limits and Proud Mary. 

One of my earliest memories was sitting on the floor watching Leslie polish his work shoes. I solidly remember the whole process and feeling sad he was going to leave the house when he finished polishing and put them on. Newspaper on the floor, old rag and a brush. 

One of my funniest memories was polishing his floor with Mr Sheen in Wheathampstead… almost a can of spray used. Andrew, Christel, Robert and Christopher were being babysat by their fun Auntie Helen while Les worked. “I know kids… lets put the sofa cushions against the back door, polish the floor and skid into the cushions while Your Dads out” I suggested. Brilliant. All day skidding and landing. 5pm tidied up, sat watching tv when the key went in the door. Your Dads back… be good. As I walked to the front door, in Walked Les… ‘you been gooooodddd wahhhhh’ … Les slipped on the polish and flat on his backside… Bloody Helen!! He saw the funnyside after 5 minutes trying to get up. 

Les was belly laughter in a can. Lightened and calmed the most tense situations. I believed all he told me because he was trustworthy – oh unless you were at the centre of one of his jokes. So funny and I loved him tricking me. 

Our world is missing his presence. My world will always remember how lucky I was to be his sister. Make sure your umbrella is upside down! 

Thank you for loving me unconditionally Leslie. I will love you forever and ever!! God Bless

Your little sister Helen xxx 


Helen Flanagan

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