Nathan Davies

Many Condolences to Kathy and the family.

First time I met you, was you walking across the Regt Sq on Monday morning, still your rig (buttons all gone, ripped off, beret wonky donkey and looking more like homeless guy). This was from remembrance parade the day before, after spending the night in the clipper. The problem was that we were trying to square you away and get you to your room, unfortunately the RSM Jock Barclay collared you… a little bit later once sober you had a sit down chat without coffee, and a few extra duties. Loved the time we spent in the training wing, ducking and diving…and having a few beers when on the road. The time you found out Kathy was pregnant so we stopped off in Preston on route back from the ranges and caught up with my brother for a few wets (ouch). I Liked working with you, even if the chaotic behaviour of throwing the kit all over the floor and saying at least it’s all there. I will miss you so much muckers, you were my boss and a friend,  I will raise a glass for you, until me meet at the FRV..


Gregory Hamer

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