Stephen Fell

Stephen is a one in a million character who I will miss very dearly. I worked with him in Gamon House when he used to come in run a clinic from the house and I worked with him with the boarding activities and trips. He had so many stories that will certainly be spoken of in the weeks and months to come. He was one of the kindest and generous people you will ever hope to meet be that with his students, or with his colleagues. My fondest memories with Stephen will be the regular tutors dinners we would have in the Deaville Room to discuss the boarding activites, helping him to organise the Summer Slam and him being adament about running the pie and doughnut eating competitions! He gave me a run for my money on the badminton court and always insisted on a tea and cake stop on the boarding trips I went on. He never failed to make me smile.

What is clear throughout is that if you needed help, he was there. In whatever guise that came in; academically, personally, or socially for a chat about the weekends NFL!- he would give to others without a second thought. And for for that an many more things, I will miss him.

My thoughts are with Ardell and Chris and the whole KC community as we come to terms with his huge loss.


Take care M’man! x


SAF - Summer Slam

Graham Bloxham

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