Don Henson

I was a Japanese student at Uni of York in 2001. Don was my supervisor when I was doing my placement at Council for British Archaeology. He asked me to create a simple database for eudcational resources for archaeology on the web. The web was starting to explode at that time.

I came to know he had been to Japan and liked it a lot. He once told me the only thing he did not like about Japanese food was Sea Urchin (although Japanese love that Sushi). I was happily surprised that he knew such a food that can hardly be found in UK.

Photo here is the one from a party in Walmgate. Somehow I invited him to a student flat where my friends from Mexico, Spain, and Malaysia gather. He mingled with young people very naturally. I don’t remember what song I played with the guitar.

After that, he went to World Archaeology Congress in Japan. I recommended my Japanese archaeology friend to meet him. They actually met and my friend later told me that Don said “Go is a nice guy”, but I thought Don was a nice guy too. No wonder he left a lot of legacies and was loved by many people.

I am very sad to know he passed away, but my memories remain deep in my heart.

Thanks Don for the friendship and RIP

Go Sugimoto

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