Kenneth was my first cousin, but older than me by a number of years. Inevitable as whilst his mother, the late Aunty Renie was the first born, my late father was the last of the Thompson siblings. Perhaps it was this age gap that led him one Sunday to convince my mother, no, instruct my mother that I needed to go to Cardinal for after school lessons. My first thought was “ous wan na you yone dae?”, but I couldn’t really voice that out. Let us just say I was not pleased! So, it was that I presented myself at Circular Road to receive my timetable etc and I started Cardinal the next week. I didn’t regret it as it was also another place to meet friends after school, in between lessons of course and in any event my grades did improve. My annoyance with him quickly vanished.

Years later, in London and using his God given skill of teaching, he helped my sister, Madonna, whilst preparing for her exams for her degree in insurance.

Kenneth would light up any room. No party or gathering was dull with Kenneth around. He loved life and was extremely generous. He loved family and I can vividly remember several reunions during summers past. He had time for anyone and when I look back there were situations when I thought he should have been angry or at least show his anger, he didn’t. Kenneth took everything in his stride and I am quite sure he did not have a proud bone in his body.

One of my fondest memories was when him and the other older cousins would regale us with stories of times spent with our late grandmother and things they got up to.

Ken, the husband, father, grandfather, brother, cousin and all round people person will be missed. Sleep on dear Cousin. May you rest in peace and rise in glory.



Glenna Thompson

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