Jonathan Nichols


Where to begin! I count my lucky stars every night that I walked into St Silas 13 years ago! As soon as I met you I knew I wanted to work there – you were so passionate about the school and so full of fun and life. We made a great team together and I feel so privileged to have worked so closely with you for so many years. You pushed, challenged and championed me in so many ways and I will be forever grateful to you for that.

Your kindness and friendship is something that I will never, ever forget. I already miss our daily catch up calls – even as you fought this terrible illness, you still found time to ask about everyone else each day – a true reflection of your character. 

You have left a huge hole in the Rainbow but we are all so determined to continue the amazing work you started and make you proud. I know you’ll be with us every step of the way. Much love, Gina xx

Gina Donaldson

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