Gareth 'Ethrakaal' Kingston

Well what can i say really, Eth was an awesome guy who helped out others immensely, he will be sorely missed by me as we always had a good chat and he was always asking about me in private messages of which I was grateful to recieve, I will miss his dulced tones on discord and at meet ups with the others in the crowd. Eth was always fun and chatty in games and taught me that everything does not have to be square, lol.

I hope Kaliska you manage to get your move to the country, be it wherever you find a peaceful plot to call your home, Its hard to put into words how i feel, like it must be for you as well. Even though he has passed to the other side, he will always be in my thoughts and memories.

Rest In Peace Dear Friend

Always your friend Adrian (Gilgul)

Gilgul (Adrian)

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