Jerry H.T. Liu

Dear Grandpa,

It’s still quite surreal that you are gone but it gives me great relief to know you are in a better place now, most likely smoking a Punch Short de Punch cigar with a glass of whiskey in one hand and eating blue hairy crab in the other. Wherever you may be, I am so blessed to have gotten to know you both as a child and briefly, as the man I am now becoming — a man you shaped dearly.

Nakung, in many ways, your life was truly remarkable. Born in Changzhou to become a MIT graduate and textile tycoon, you lived a truly incredible life.  What impresses me the most about your life, however, is not the myriad accolades you accomplished during you 100+ years but the amounts of hearts you touched through your compassion and kindness towards others, both as a son, father, grandfather and great-grandfather. Your light-hearted spirit and infectious laugh never failed to light up a room and you truly brought people together through your loving generosity and deep respect for people of all backgrounds.

You were the joy in my life that I could always depend on and I am extremely proud to call you my grandfather.

As I move through life and continue down my path, people will know of my grandfather — a Shanghai-textile man with impeccable style and an act for loving life and fine dining. Most importantly, people will know how much you meant to me and our family.

Nakung, I will carry what you taught me during our time together. You will forever be in my heart.




PS: I’m still waiting for our next food trip. Where shall we eat?!



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