Henry Aylett


My first memories were with your dad, me 3 years old cheering on the red team an inch away from the tv. The small inside jokes we had, me always asking him about his love for chicken and when he was going to give up the lie of the alllergy. On the wedding when we became legit brothers and the countless dinosaur mini golf games me, your dad and your mum, my best memories I’ll have growing up.

the picture is from the time he had a fight with a mouse lost in the sofa he won obviously, after serveral hours 


I’m glad I knew your dad he gave me some of the best advice anyone ever did. Having him on speed dial for late night maths homework always came in clutch. I now understand how to simplify ratios thanks to your dad which has since helped me a lot. Henry is the greatest brother I could of ever asked for, from the countless fun holidays we had to our convos about his favourite beer which I probably asked him 20 times (still don’t remember the name). The excitement we had when we unlocked funky kong on Mario kart me you and your dad. Casper you’ll have to take that talent from him, with his many others, always getting the perfect drifts on rainbow road.

Your dad was amazing at his job, as a dad as a husband and as a brother!

(Would be handy if he could check this for SPaG mistakes) 

George O’Shea

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