Hugh Williams

Everything passes, we are as dust, star dust from a long ago super nova I am informed. I never met Hugh personally as far as I can remember but appreciated his sagacity and wit virtually, and I thoroughly enjoyed his presentations to the medical and nursing group and also his contributions to other contributor’s discussions. I always learned something new and indeed went back to look at James Joyce and Ulysses. I approached the this important part of Joyce’s oeuvre in a more informed way, thank you, Hugh, though I am still a bit puzzled by some of the content! One’s spirit has needs that should be nurtured as well, modern medicine tends to be drug orientated and ignores holistic approaches, people and their feelings matter, not just the ill organism, Hugh understood that. Thank you, Hugh, for what you taught me. The photograph is of a partial eclipse of the soon by the moon taken by me in St Helens. Death, in my view, is a transition, next phase of a journey. My sympathy and condolences to Hugh’s family friends and colleagues, and his patients. Loss is always desperate and words are limited and lacking. Requiescat in pace.


Geoffrey Francis Carlin

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