Henry Aylett

Dear Mr Aylett’s Family,


Mr Aylett was a truely inspirational teacher who had and always will continue to impact on many lives. Last year, 2021/22 I was delighted and rather excited that Mr Aylett would be the year 6 teacher for my Daughter Sofia. I can honestly say that his style of teaching and depth of knowledge was remarkable. I was intrigued and very supportive and happy that he managed skillfully to embed philosophy in his lessens. Not an easy challenge but one that provoked wonderful conversations amongst our family over dinner.  Clearly an individual with a deep understanding of human nature and the importance, alongside his permenant and infectious smile. On one ocassion I bought gingerbread for all of the children in 6A, plus Mr Aylett and the Teaching Assistants. Sofia was keen to let me know I hadn’t bought enough. I suggested she should count again! Who had I missed? “Mummy, you need to buy more – Mr Aylett’s children Casper and Archie need one and so does his wife”. Sofia, from day one always told me about Mr Aylett’s Family and how much he adored them and had a strong bond with them – these are Sofia’s words. Of course I realised that I needed to buy more gingerbread – even though it was before school! I did Say to Sofia, I would buy two more for Casper and Archie and thought it would be nice if Mr Aylett shared his gingerbread with his wife. I’m not sure whether she received any! Sofia was very happy in Mr Aylett’s class and most importantly felt very supported in ‘who she was/is’ as an individual. Mr Aylett will always be part of our lives and memories, I wish I had words of comfort to ease the grief and pain for his family and friends… However, we would like to say thank you millions for sharing this wonderful individual with us. Love the Pilkington Family and Sofia 6A 2021/22

Gayle Pilkington

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