Jane Firmin

I met Jane in Costa in Luton, proper Luton girl! She wanted me to be a WAIL trustee and no was not going to be acceptable as an answer!!

So I rocked up to meet Jane at the offices and then I was in the WAIL family. 

I mainly saw Jane at Board meetings but then offered her supervision for about a year so early morning  meetings! Jane was always there with a smile and we shared more of our selves- I found out how much she loved her family and her long history and commitment to WAIL.

I remember one day going to London as a group of Trustees with Jane for some training with the Charity Commission, we did have a giggle!

So Jane, like me you enjoyed a large glass so tomorrow I will drink a toast to you. My pledge to you is that I will keep a close eye on WAIL.

My condolences to you the family , look after each other and be very proud of Jane. 

Gail xxx

Gail Dearing

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