Gareth 'Ethrakaal' Kingston

Ethy doo dah

I dont really know what to say,I’ve been mulling over this for too long so have some bullet points.

Eth to me was

Such a great friend whom put him self so in to these relation ships you felt like you gained a parent
Someone you could rely on
He would tell you want you/NEEDED/ to hear which wasnt necessarily what you wanted to here.
As much as he’d pull no punches when you needed to hear something, he’d also pull no punches when banter was involved too.
He was a little weasel shit whom went against the meep’s and mooped
I guess we will have to get kaliska back for all those times he’s helped us out in those little ways!
An imperfect guy whom knew his flaws and used that knowledge to help slay others flaws.
The kind of guy who cared and would know even if you didnt express the “bleh”

Unpossible to get rid of the little comments that he’s said or done they bounce around your head like a windows screen saver.
Wonderful hooman of the derpiest proportions.

Its shit that such a guy has left us, but all the good the asshole created is still with us! 

This was harder than i thought it would be.

Wah potato,




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