Henry Aylett


Our family are desperately sorry to hear the news about Mr Aylett. He was an extremely popular teacher with both the children and parents and was a welcome addition to the Marshgate family.

I recall during the end of 2011 academic year, Mrs Jackson had done her much anticipated annual end of year teacher shuffle and we found out that Mr Aylett was going to be teaching our son Patrick in Year 4. We were absolutely thrilled and I know for a fact that the entire class (both teachers and parents) were as well. It was like winning the lottery. He was a fantastic teacher to Patrick who is now 20 years old and has such fond memories during his time in Mr Aylett’s class.

My favourite memory of Mr Aylett it is at the Parent Teacher Association Christmas party. He hadn’t been at the school long but a few weeks beforehand I asked him if he would organise a teacher Gangnam dance to perform at the party. I had a feeling that he was the best person to ask, to get the staff on side and on board. And indeed he was! Before the performance we went round with buckets and asked for donations to see the staff perform and to our amazement the buckets were filled with £700. Here’s the performance if you’d like to watch it.



You will see how much joy Mr Aylett and the rest of the staff brought to all the parents at the party that night.

I later learned that Mr Aylett had been regularly getting the staff to practice after school in the classroom. He was a great sport, wonderful teacher and will be sorely missed.

We didn’t get to meet Kate or his sons but please know the entire Marshgate community both past and present are all thinking of you.

Francesca, Jeff, Patrick & Emily Gubbay


Francesca Gubbay

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