Henry Aylett


We first met Kate and Henry at our NCT sessions before Casper and Meg were born. Entering the room on the first day, really hoping there would be some other ‘normal’ people there… Luckily for us we quickly realised that Kate and Henry were like-minded people and little did we know what a great friendship would develop over the next few years as our children grew up together for the pre-school years.

Henry exuded fun and positivity, with such a clear love and dedication to his family. We have many lovely memories of spending time together with our families. Particularly, our time in Bracklesham by the sea with Henry chasing the kids round the garden ‘going on a bear hunt’; kindly giving in to their requests for doing it again and again (whilst the rest of us sat in the sun with a beer) – anything to put a smile on Casper and Archie’s faces. The photo here is from that same trip where Anthony and Henry spent many hours pulling the kids along on Nora the Unicorn.

Meg’s favourite memory of Henry is of him coming home when we were having a playdate and singing Jingle Bells – she always refers to him as the Jingle Bells singer.

Kate, Casper and Archie – Henry loved you all so very much. We are deeply saddened by his passing. We hope that in time, you will find that zest for life, joy and most of all find the fun in life. Big hugs xxx Flo, Ant, Meg, Alma and Kenzo xxx

Florence Webb

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