James McVeigh


I was a student of Mr. McVeigh’s at Archbishop Ilsley. The biggest memory for me was the trip to Rome where I was assigned to his family group. I remember dumb things he did, like buying a children’s roman soldier outfit that was way too small for him and drawing a six pack on a towel and wearing them around Rome. But besides that, I had specific needs and because of that, I wasn’t eating and I was alone most of my days at school. Mr. McVeigh went out of his way to make sure I didn’t starve and that I wasn’t miserable. He did everything he could to make me feel comfortable in a situation where I typically wouldn’t have been and never left me without a smile. I truly respect and look up to him and I’m forever grateful for his kindness in my darkest days and I truly hope wherever he is now, he’s happy. Thank you so much for everything.


Rest in peace, sir. 

Erin Fielding

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