Biodun Bakarr


Hmmmmmm where would I start from? My evangelist Biden 😭😭😭, then I wait for your lovely laughter 🤣🤣🤣 then you playful tell me to pick my calls (pick yaaaaaaa calls sister🙄🙄) in your rolling eyes. I can go on and on my braaaaada as foundly called by you. Hmmmm Am sad, am really sad and pained my dear biodun  the kids are sad, I cried and they cried too calling uncle Biodun mummy’s brother😭😭we had plans of so many things we will do to impact our world. But what can I say, than to give thanks to God in every situation. 

you were very honest and focus with the vision to represent Christ on earth till you go home (you did that though) you keep encouraging me to keep been good despite all. But I find solace in the fact that you were passionate about sharing Jesus till you die and I know you are home resting with your crown of glory❤️🤣what a sweet end.

one death tooooo many I must say, rest on my dear brother 

This is the saddest words I can ever say to you my dear biodun, not this soon broz Good bye!!!my brother 😭😭😭😭



Enuseh Audu

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