Prof Paul Francis McMillan

I am deeply saddened by Paul’s passing. I first met Paul back in 1999 during an Internship at ASU. He offered to take me on as a graduate student. I was with him as we packed the lab to move it to London; I was with him when we designed and built the lab in London. He taught me so much and gave me so many great opportunities, which in so many ways shaped who I am now. He was a great role model for me as a scientist and a great human being. I always hoped he would come back to ASU, and I would get to work with him once again. I will miss his enthusiasm and all the excitement he could bring to research. Paul taught me as we were aligning one of his Raman instruments, “Perfect is the enemy of good enough.” This quote continued to resonate with me. Thank you, Paul, for your dedication to science and everything you have taught me.

Emmanuel Soignard

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