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I always had a great laugh with  grandad and loved the many adventures we enjoyed together.

My favourite thing was to make grandad smile.he had a really warming smile that just reminded you he loved you .

As a child My best days with grandad involved watching high school musical and dancing on his feet when the actors started singing, this translated into my famous saying. Telling grandad to keep dancing, he would raise his arms in the air and move his hips from side to side, giving Me a thumbs up , shaking his head and laughing at the same time.

A funny memory I have of grandad is when, i had just got through the door after travelling from Surrey . Without even saying hello  grandad looked at me and said “I heard you had a boyfriend” ABSOLUTLY NOT ! I  replied, grandad looked at me and smiled he very simply said “good” and walked away into the lounge

A fond memory I  will cherish  is giving grandad a hug in the kitchen to say goodbye before I went home . i said that i loved him so much and that he was my very best friend (as I always reminded him) he gave me a final squeeze and simply replied, you’re my girl.

The most important thing to Me was that I knew the love we shared was infinite, it was impossible for either of us to love the other more, even if they did debate it on many occasions! ( it’s not impossible I will always love you more)

my grandad was not one to ever complain or moan about anything, he had the kindest heart and the most lovely ,caring nature . He didn’t even complain about me or Katie running into their room in the early hours of the morning to watch Horrid Henry , we would kick grandad out of bed so we had more room to snuggle.

He always came back into the room with a mug of hot water , a beaming smile and a funny joke . He would pretend his hand was a spider and had me and Katie laughing for ages and his rather dramatic facial expressions. Grandad loved nothing more than to see all his family (especially us grandkids) laughing and enjoying the time we spent together, I’m sure playing endless board games and watching horrible history’s on a constant loop wasn’t his idea of a good time but never the less he did with all of us .

I always came back to Surrey and told all my friends about my amazing grandparents and honestly just how awesome it was to be so close to them . I spoke about Liverpool football club and how grandad used to take us to see the club house and would NEVER miss a match .

My grandad truly had helped me become the person I am , I will try my very best to take forward his kindness and his warmth with me in the future .

I will cherish every memory of every hug and every little joke we shared . I love you and keep dancing 💓

Emma Harris

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