Alan Roy Thompson


Life will never be the same.

August 1977 you became the proudest man alive when you became a Daddy.  From that day forward you took us all on a fabulous journey.  Early memories include fishing in the river with my socks and sandals on in Dinas Mawddy, you chasing us around the garden, seaside trips to Torquay and Paignton building the grandest sandcastles with moats, flying our kites and of course not forgetting the magic of Trencreek Farm in Cornwall.  We also had many wonderful adventures to Ireland and France over the years.  We were extremely fortunate as kids to explore different places regularly including family day trips to the Malvern Hills, Cambridge, London, Oxford, Stratford Upon Avon, Wells and the Cotswolds.  Childhood memories also included sledging in the winter together on Bournville Green, Sunday morning swimming sessions at Tiverton Road Baths, visits to the Botanical Gardens, making paper aeroplanes, country drives with pub lunches and sailing our boats on the Bournville Boating Pond.  Dartmouth was also a firm favourite of ours and we particularly enjoyed our annual trip to see the Red Arrows.  We also enjoyed regular trips to Longleat, Drayton Manor and Alton Towers.  Broadway House in Cheddar was a regular favourite break when we purchased the Motorhome.  You would organise your work in Bristol whilst we enjoyed our break in Cheddar – it was a great excuse for you to regularly see your beloved Wells Cathedral too.

All you ever wanted in life was to make other people feel happy.  You taught us the meaning of friendship and love and gave us the greatest gift of all – you believed in us.  You gave us the confidence to explore the world.  You were our hero, the greatest role model we could have ever of asked for.  I’m proud to call you my Daddy.  You worked hard throughout your days and I loved helping you in the office which often resulted in us heading to the stationery shop as my reward to get new school stationery!  You had a great work ethic and I admired that.  I regularly went out on the road with you – I’m not sure how much help I was as I look back now but it brings back such fond memories – lunching together, chatting away about life and most importantly the Villa!  One day we even made it backstage at the Alexandra Theatre in Birmingham during a live performance to see the horses in Cinderella.  We nearly became part of the show as we ran off stage by the skin of our teeth!

Over the years we had a few trips to Villa park and we even managed a trip to watch Man U and Villa play at Wembley – we were over the moon with the Villa winning that day. I will treasure the memories of that day forever – we had the best day ever together.  When I turned 17 you even stole my friends, otherwise known as ‘The lads’ and introduced them to Villa Park on many occassions!  You were turning 50 but felt you were 17!  Villa Park then extended to the rugby at Bath and I know for sure these times are engraved in ‘The Lads’ memories forever.

When I completed my Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award I made you the happiest man alive when a letter landed on the doorstep from Buckingham Palace with an invite to a Garden Party at the Palace!  Those were the days when Buckingham Palace was not open to the general public and the award was rarely presented there!  The invite extended to two guests (you didn’t need asking) …. you were over the moon to be there – small crust free sandwiches were enjoyed alongside posh canapes.  We even got Pistachio icecream and were greeted by the Duke himself!

Then there was my wedding day when you embraced the kilt – and what a handsome proud Daddy you were that day.  You walking me down the aisle filled me with pride and I was honoured to have you by my side.  Thank you Daddy.

You were immensely proud of all of us …. Granny, myself, Charlotte, Lizzie, Jim, Pete, Peter and not forgetting all the Grandkids, Heather, Orla, Katherine, Oliver, Alice, Hattie and Eddie.  2001 bought new beginnings for the Thompson descendants when Heather was born, followed by Orla (2004) and Katherine (2006).  You admired all their achievements and in later years followed the girls around the country with their volleyball commitments and school / dance shows.  You always encouraged them to follow their dreams.  You had endless stories for them about your adventures and experiences over the years and shared your knowledge and wisdom with them continually.  You read them stories when they were young, chased them and even had your nails painted and make-up done by them!  The fun and laughter you had with them will be treasured memories forever.  I believe you even sneaked a few pints in with your eldest grandaughter in recent years!

You were never one to complain or moan about anything.  You had the kindest of hearts and most caring and loving nature.  I am proud to have you as my Daddy.  You embraced life with love, adventure and commitment to friends and family.  We had so many more adventures planned together.  You will forever be in our hearts and guiding us forward from above.  I LOVE YOU DADDY.  THANK YOU XXXXX





Emily Hamilton

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