Jane Tyler

Jane… I will miss your kindness your smile and our chats. 

I saw you only a few weeks ago in the office and we took a tea together chatting about life.

You loved working from home and you were extremely grateful about the time you spent with Ivan during lock down.

We discussed about your cats and maybe a possible trip to the seaside with Ivan’s parents dogs…  

We laughed about life in general and how much changed in Ferrero from when we started working together in 2010 in Watford.. 

You told me off because i didn’t have red nails… oh your nails, they were fantastic a must have for every woman!

I will always remember you playing with Sophia during last Ferrero Xmas for kids.. you become her best friend!

She is still using the hairdand you gave her… we will keep safe thinking of you!

You always supported me, chatting and eating some crisps together: You will be very missed a lot.


My thoughts are with Ivan and the family, at this awfully sad time


Elisa V.

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