From Miami to Magaluf and everywhere in between boy didn’t we have fun Jordan. 

When I think of all the memories I always think – shots. You called me the crazy Irish woman yet you where by my side on every possible opportunity pinning shots non stop. Absolute carnage on every occasion! 

You used to always try talk in my accent and it was always the worst Northern Irish impression but jez it was hilarious! 

My most cherished memory is me and the girls coming to visit ur home with Richard for the weekend. You where so poorly but boy where you strong. I remember my train journey back from your house and the days after so clear where I thought wow what a true inspiration and someone I’m lucky to call my friend. I prayed hard for you from that weekend seeing the battle you had against you while smiling the entire time. 

It was a true honour to have known you for these many years and to have you as my good friend. The love you had for Richard and the dogs and ur family who you spoke so so highly about on every occasion was so special. 

I miss you and we know on our next night out together at some random location in the UK or Ireland, we know you’ll be by our side. 

Love you always. Your crazy Irish woman , Edel xxx




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