Stephen Fell

Well, what can I say? It is over 50 years since I last saw Felly, as he was known even then. We were at Bilborough Grammar School, Nottingham, together. We sat next to each other in countless lessons, often sharing answers! He was always a science man, I was the Arts brains, if I can say that. He showed an amazing instinct for chemistry very early on, certainly by what is now called Year 9, and would read text books cover to cover. A pet trick by year 11 was to prepare and spread a contact explosive on the floor of the school foyer just before the lunch break and then skidattle before the fun began. Felly taught me chess, not very well I suppose because I don’t remember beating him. We were also obsessed with a TV programme called Thunderbirds and would quiz each other fiercely the morning after each edition. I’ve carried such memories throughout my life, an indication of what a decent lad he was and man he became, 

Dr Richard Hawes

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