Dr Michael Stuart Musgrave

Michael was a significant figure for me at Bupa. I joined as the Lead Physician in Kings Cross in 2016, which made me his ‘Boss’, which seemed ridiculous given the experience and knowledge that he held. He was entirely gracious about my arrival, helpful and kind; traits that I came to recognise as being effortlessly characteristic of him. 

When working together at Kings Cross I remember sitting in his room and asking him about how he dealt so effectively with some of the more tricky patients. He said ‘Well Petra,these patients have ltos to tell us, but may not know how to.  You must be patient and give them time to ‘vomit’ it all out, no matter how long it may take, and only when they are done are you able to make any impact on their lives, and on the consultation’.  I have shared that advice and used it myself often. 

Michael was a great source of information, a brilliant raconteur and a lovely friend. I only worked closely with Michael for my first year at Bupa, but he made a huge impression on me.  I enjoyed bumping into him in the years following – where he would always check in on me ‘How are you doing, Petra?’ asked meaningfully, the clear message being ‘make sure you look after yourself’.

Michael was a gentleman, a fantastic doctor and a kind friend. I am so sorry that his last years were so difficult, however having now met his friends and family I know he was supported and loved in the best way. I know he made a contribution to the lives of everyone he met, mine included. 

Dr Petra Simic

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