Dr Graeme Sweeney


I just realised that I had known Graeme for 22 years, working for him, working with him and becoming his friend – this included him sharing with me the best beverage I have ever experienced (a 2007 whisky from his special stash), sharing complex and fundamental ideas which left me grasping for a tiny thread of understanding that I could use to pull myself back to the outer reaches of the conversation, sharing a journey to make the organisation we worked for fundamentally better and fit for purpose despite stern resistance, and sharing a glimpse of his wardrobe with his collection of 200+ Scotland shirts which left me speechless.

He helped me and my  and influenced me and my family in so so many ways.

So these are the 22 adjectives that remind me of Graeme:

Idealistic, Pragmatic, Committed, Caring, Insightful

Scottish, Consistent, Persistent, Insistent, Supportive

Challenging, Marmite, Stubborn, Engaged, Unique

Academic, Interested, Curious, Encyclopedic, Off the scale Smart

Social, Generous

We will never now “always have RWC Marseille 2023’ as we had hoped but we did have “Mohr Fish and Chips at Ardnacraggan in 2021” perfectly paired with Kilchoman 2007 Private Cask Release Malt Whisky – and that is more than enough for me!!

A true original, a genuine family man, who will be much much missed. Image is Graeme taking time out of his last day in Shell to meet our first newborn!

Dr Dave Armstrong

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