Uwaila Sandra Afakwu

My heart bleeds, as I can’t just believe it, that you are gone too soon,

Tears and sharp pain in my heart, it is so painful that you disappeared and we can’t see you again until the last day.

But only what we could hold on to right now, is the unbeatable (Legacy),that you  have laid  down.

You were a virtuous woman, your life style has affected everyone that has come across you.

You were a Peace maker, alms  giver, selfless, caring and loving.

I am 1000 & 1% sure that you are resting in Abraham’s blossom.

This word you always say to yourself anything that you are tired and stressed can’t just stop ringing in my heart,” UWA pele my dear”.

How I wished I am dreaming, that it is not true that you have transisted from this perverse world! to rest in the Lord.  But i want you to know this,that  time may pass and fade away, but the memories of you will always stay. Rest on till we meet again.

Sister Uwaila Sandra Afakwu. 



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