Mark Kirkland

Dear Mark,

I am deeply saddened with these news… You have been a friend to me at Unilever, you always had such a big smile to me that made my days immediately happier! I had the priviledge of sharing some lunches with you and they will stay in my fond memories. We had some long conversations, particularly about our shared love for gardening! And I have learned a lot from you: the best tomato plants to grow in the UK, there are yellow raspberries(!), places to visit nearby and even gave me a delicious apple from your garden.

I will deeply miss our friendship and your kindness. Thank you for having always been so good to me.


Dear Mrs. Kirkland and Family,

I am so sorry for your loss. Mark always spoke about you with a clear love and respect, I could see that it was a beautiful connection.

I am sharing a photo that you took of Mark and Lola last year during Easter Break. He sent it to me showing how happy he was enjoying the first sunny days during lockdown in his beloved garden, even though it was a bit chilly still. This will be my favourite photo of Mark where we can see him enjoying his garden, with Lola, and having the loving wife next to him.

My condolences,



mark and lola easter2020

Diana Silva

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