Luke Robson-Smith

Luke was incredibly thoughtful, immensely intelligent, and very funny. Whilst Luke’s intelligence was what initially impressed us when we first began working with him, it was his humour and thoughtfulness that struck the biggest chord for all of us as we got to know him.

Even when he himself was struggling, he would always, without exception, ask me how myself and each of the team were doing. As a line manager it was my job to support him, however Luke would always make that a two-way street. Luke always liked to say that ‘he’s got my back’ and even went so far to say that he was making it his mission to make me CEO one day- despite me telling him that it was my job to support his development not the other way round! That was Luke though, always trying to help others achieve their best.

Luke was a member of our core team and I was always impressed by the quality of his work, it was always on point, insightful and compelling. I personally learnt a huge amount from him and I hope that during his time volunteering with us, that he got as much out of working together as we did. The last few times I spoke with Luke, he mentioned how hopeful he was that he’d be able to re-join us soon and we are truly saddened that we won’t get the chance to continue working with him.

Luke will always be remembered by us. Luke himself once wrote ‘research and real life may feel poles apart but ultimately, they both focus on one thing and one thing only. Making a difference’. We will continue to strive to make a difference and will keep Luke in our thoughts as we do.

Our thoughts are with all of Luke’s family and friends. 

Devon (IRU, WDP)

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