Adassa Beatrice Douglas

They say you can begin to transform a desert with a single flower; I believe there are individuals in this world that are so special, this world doesn’t deserve but without them there would be total desolation. These flowers are beautiful and they bring contrast and spectacle their fragrance infiltrates like a beautiful symphony: resonating, reassuring the soul, intrinsic and necessary. Their presence advocates: calm and euphoria, peace of mind amidst the chaos and mud. My aunt was one of those flowers; so unique and rare; the actual species is called, ” PHENOMENA.” They only bloom once every millennia; I can’t think of any other way to describe this extraordinary phenomenon. We are blest to have shared her time line. Her residue and legacy stands as six mighty columns through her: sons, daughter-in-laws, grandchildren, and for that may God receive the highest praise. She will be missed but time will not erase her memory, it will only deepen the love which was and is a panacea; a moment to bask and savour the good times. 

Love you auntie  B


Desmond joseph

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