Adassa Beatrice Douglas

Without asking it was bestowed upon me,not knowing what life had set for me. Now that I’ve experienced this major loss of my mother, some things in life seem clear. I believe that “Family”.Is a word that should be used for a body of people who truly have the best interest at heart and cares for each member. I’m very fortunate to have that in my life, my Mother was an integral part of our life’s. ADASSA BEATRICE DOUGLAS was not the woman I chose to be my Mother,but I was very fortunate to have, and would choose again and again if I had more chapters to live.I was bestowed with true love and care with memories which I can share with Family. This woman as guided me from birth up to her passing.

To the woman I love so much my Mother

ADASSA BEATRICE DOUGLAS giver of so much life.


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