From Derek Bodell

Putting together memories of Ian turns out to be more of a challenge than I thought. Meeting in the mid 1970’s in Newcastle through a mutual friend I became aware of someone who packed a lot into the day. Apart from work there was theatre, concerts, legal groups, pub visits, seeing friends – often together – entertaining, eating out, new projects like learning guitar–…again, tennis…all the kit but no inclination, sailing, discovering new music talent and more- a continuous stream of activity. Perhaps that is what all of us can share in our memories of Ian and as Resh said of Ian – he lived life to the full.

Of course, the other side of this picture is Ian’s fondness for excess- being a heavy smoker and then going cold turkey to give up when the detox almost caused his body to meltdown only to be followed by a new addiction namely running – marathon and half-marathon races all over the world.

Another thing to remember about Ian is his desire to be the first to do things. The first to visit Moscow, climb Kilimanjaro, tour North Korea, and even visit the Turks and Caicos Islands …not that he ever mentioned any of these exploits to any of us!

Ian is someone who touched many lives as he loved dipping into different groups and experiences with almost a fear of not having enough going on to keep himself stimulated. He loved his work, he thrived in retirement on hearing disciplinary or dispute cases and loved even more taking professional groups to task for failing due process – spending hours on letters pointing out their errors all like a dog with a bone until Resh rescued them by persuading Ian to let it go.  In this case and so many others Resh has been the perfect counter to Ian and brought into his life a balance and calm in which he has thrived, enjoyed, and cherished the family life with Syimah, Hassan and Harrison that came with it.

Ian was a loyal friend to the many people he embraced and befriended from school through University, work in Sunderland, Newcastle, and Leeds along with the many social and professional groups he was involved with.

Ian will leave a hole for many and his humour and zest for life will be missed by all of us. 

derek bodell

Derek Bodell

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